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Our philosophy is a long-term approach to fitness, created by a system of foundational building blocks: improved mobility and flexibility leading to proper movement patterns; developing strength from the ground up; and enhancing cardiovascular efficiency and athletic conditioning. 

We believe that a better physique, living life with less pain, and superior longevity are natural byproducts of this method.

We believe that long-term fitness is more than a quick high intensity workout, but rather a lifelong journey of self improvement- mind, body, and soul.

10+ Years Equinox Tribeca NYC

3 yrs Performance Physical Therapy

7 Bodybuilding shows

5 Physique shows

Credentials: BS Kinesiology, NASM certified CPT, CES (corrective exercise), PPSC (John Rusin pain-free performance), CFSC (Mike Boyle functional strength), Precision Nutrition, Pre/Post Natal certified, GPTS (group personal training), Kettlebell, Animal Flow, Olympic lifting

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