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“Bree is simply the best trainer.  She is patient and knowledgeable but delivers results.  I suffer from migraine headaches and in the past working out has triggered them-Bree worked with my specific needs and developed a plan that not only helped me lose weight and gain muscle, but actually reduced my migraines.  In addition to being an incredible training professional, she is a wonderful person who you will look forward to seeing for your sessions!”

Erin S.  New York City

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“Dorian Estrada brings and unparalleled level of expertise, energy, and professionalism to his client training relationships.  He was my fitness coach for six years, offering a disciplined, multidimensional, and responsive approach to my goals.  He makes hard work fun, engaging, and rewarding.  He is extremely caring and knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness, health, and wellness, and has a natural ability to connect with people personally and inspire them to find and be their best selves.  In a word, he’s a superstar!”

Anthony Crowell Dean and President New York Law School New York City 

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“I am writing these comments about my two year training experience with Bree.  During this period Bree was my personal trainer at the Equinox Tribeca health club facility in downtown New York City.  Bree’s heart and soul commitment to physical fitness was clear from our very first meeting.  As an older client my needs included the whole range of exercises.  Bree addressed all of these and faithfully changed my program every few months.  From time to time some physical condition would arise and Bree would seamlessly alter the program to accommodate the problem.  Bree was always cheerful and upbeat during our meetings, prompt and on top of our schedule. She has a very active and inquiring mind and we had stimulating and thoughtful conversations during our sessions.  As she was preparing to depart New York, I told her I would give her the highest compliment I could give to my trainer, namely that she made coming in to work out a pleasure, something to look forward to!”

Harry Johnston New York City

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Dorian is an outstanding personal trainer. I trained with Dorian in New York City for 6 years from 2014 to 2020 (when he moved). First and foremost Dorian is extremely professional, safety-oriented, and designs an interesting and challenging program. His program is technical and purposeful (and informed by his ongoing dedication to studying and obtaining numerous certifications). He has developed large following of dedicated clients over many years which is a testament to his individualized focus and investment in those he trains. The hour you spend with him will probably be the best hour of your day and is an investment in yourself. 
My background: mid 30s financial services professional interested in living a (somewhat) healthy lifestyle. 

Clark Jefferies, CIO Somerset Reinsurance 

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“One-to-one training with Dorian is like having a personal athletic coach, motivational coach, and physical therapist all in one.  He is attentive, focused, encouraging and wise beyond his years.  He is reliable and caring. Years of weekly training with Dorian proved that I can stay in shape and build muscle without fear of injury or unreasonable demands (however, he’s not a wimp and always aims to climb). Unlike my trainers of the past, Dorian consistently seeks solutions to whatever I’m confronting: soreness, problem areas, goals to reach, mixing it up and getting out of a rut...Dorian’s own personal bodybuilding regiment, training development and natural curiosity have proven to be a winning formula.  I highly recommend his services.” 

Steve S. New York City 

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“Bree is a fantastic trainer.  She’s a great listener and builds a workout focused on your fitness goals.  Bree’s knowledge on wellness is vast.  She’s equipped to train you physically, mentally (keeping you focused), and offer fabulous nutrition advice.Great attitude.  Motivator.  Caring.  EFFECTIVE!”

Eileen B.  New York City

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“Bree is a life changer.  I started working out with Bree when I felt awful about my body/weight/self-image.  Not only did she help me get into great shape, more importantly she helped me learn what “good health” looks and feels like...I learned how to be HEALTHY and strong! She’s the best and New York will miss her!!”

Jen Gold 
New York City

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“Dorian is the absolute best at his craft! Two-years ago, I turned 40, was overweight, lacked both physical and mental energy; and couldn’t even tie my shoe laces without breaking out into a sweat and going short of breath.  I decided then, in February 2016, that I had to address my decline head-on, even if my life was consumed with work and family responsibilities.  I was referred to Dorian.  From the beginning, he was the most empathetic, kind and caring professional, never giving me a sense of judgement or feeling of embarrassment for my condition and/or during our training sessions—he was always just focused on getting me to my goal, constantly providing me positive reinforcement, helping me lose 55 lbs by July 2016, and by November 2017 training me to successfully run a 4 mile race in Central Park in under 39 minutes.  In my experience, Dorian is more than the BEST trainer, Dorian is a true friend who has helped me achieve a better body and wellbeing for a better life!”

Steve F. New York City 

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