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"Dorian is, hands down, the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. I had always assumed that injuries were part of the training process, but as I got older, I wasn’t recovering as quickly from training-related injuries.  Then I met Dorian. Because of his thorough knowledge of fitness and his insistence on perfect form, I was able to see significant strength gains without any of the back or neck problems I had experienced in the past. In fact, because of our work, I’ve never felt better. Plus, he’s super-chill with none of that big ego BS.”

Clinton Kelly, 51 NYC (TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle Consultant) 

"Bree Estrada was my personal trainer for over 3 years. The only reason we no longer work together is because she has moved back to Grand Rapids, her home town. I have been asked many times to write a recommendation, but this is the first time I have ever asked "may I write one for you?" As a trainer Bree cares deeply about her clients. She is an excellent teacher, mentor, and master of her craft. She was tough on me in all the right ways but was equally understanding of my needs and conditions. Bree is the epitome of encouragement and positive thinking.She created exercise routines that were individualized and challenging for me, but never more than I could handle. She works the whole person-mentally, physically, and emotionally. I can honestly say that I am stronger and more fit now than when I was in my thirties thanks to Bree. Most importantly, Bree was the first person who made working out fun-something I thought I would never, ever say. Bree Estrada's professionalism, extensive knowledge, deep work ethic and dedication to her clients, sets her apart from others. Lastly, she is not only a terrific trainer but a wonderful young woman as well. I miss her, wish her well, and YES highly recommend her."

Susan Wohlforth, Greenwich CT

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