In-Home & Virtual Personal Training

Bree exercising at the beach using her outdoor program.
Bree exercising at the beach using her outdoor program.

Make the world your gym

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Dorian training his client in a home gym.
Dorian training his client in a home gym.

In-Home Personal Training in the Chicago Area

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Dorian and Bree on vacation.
Dorian and Bree on vacation.

Loving life

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Bree exercising at the beach using her outdoor program.
Bree exercising at the beach using her outdoor program.

Make the world your gym

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Dorian Estrada and Bree Clifford

Not sure how to program your own workouts at home, outside or in the gym?

Do you deal with shoulder, knee or lower back pain in daily life situations?

Want a professional trainer to come straight to you? 

Our goal is to guide and motivate you to reach your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible. We don’t lie to you and tell you it’s easy but with the right program, guidance and motivation, you can make a lifestyle change for the better whether you want to look good, feel good or both. Our only goal is to help you reach yours! 

After 10+ years in the fitness industry and training at one of the top luxury gyms in New York City for 8 years, we decided to expand our passion for fitness and overall health to the private sector and the online world. Estrada Training Co. is a new, high-quality in-home personal training company. 

We believe that physical health and performance at work and home are deeply intertwined. And we understand the level of stress that life and work can bring both mentally and physically, so we come to you with all the equipment (if you don’t have any) and give you a workout designed just for you. We all have different bodies, limitations and goals, so we believe it is important to find what works best for you. 

We offer private in-home personal training, couples/group training, virtual training sessions and online programs all designed to suit your goals, workout history, injuries/limitations and lifestyle. Homework is also provided to clients. It is designed to keep you accountable for you to reach your ultimate fitness goals. 






BS Kinesiology 
Pre/Post Natal 
Kettlebell Level 1 & 2
CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach) 
PPSC (Pain-Free Performance Strength Coach)
Precision Nutrition 
Body Weight Programming Level 1 & 2


Functional Strength Training
Body Weight Training 
Agility/Endurance Training 
Reduce Joint/Muscle Pain
Body Fat Loss
Hypertrophy/Bodybuilding (Increase Muscle Mass)
Improve Flexibility & Mobility
Pre/Post Natal
Post Rehab
Injury Prevention
Manual Full Body Stretch- CANCELLED 
Wedding/Event Preparation (Bodybuilding, physique competition, races...)


We have 10+ years of experience training clients of all different ages, body types, and lifestyles, including actors, models, chefs, Wall-streeters, students, moms, business executives, stylists, makeup artists, retirees, and many more.  We also have personal experience working with and learning from some of the leading trainers, physical therapists, and doctors in the industry.  Our goal is help those who believe in the true value of their long-term health. We want to help you live a long, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“Dorian is an outstanding personal trainer.  I trained with Dorian in NYC for 5 years from 2014 to 2019 (when he moved to Chicago, I now train with his equally talented brother).  

First and foremost Dorian is extremely professional, safety-oriented, and designs an interesting and challenging program.  His program is technical and purposeful (and informed by his ongoing dedication to studying and obtaining numerous certifications).

He has developed a large following of dedicated clients over many years which is a testament to his individualized focus and investment in those he trains.

The hour you spend with him will probably be the best hour of your day and is an investment in yourself.

My background: mid 30s financial services professional interested in living a (somewhat) healthy lifestyle.”

Clark Jefferies- New York City

Managing Director Bank Of America

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